Department Of Human Resource Management

The Human Resource Managment is the one among the department in Zanzibar Planning Commission,it is istablished for the purpose of performing the following function:-

    The Commission shall undertake the human resources and demographic planning in:
    (a) Coordinating human resource issues at national level for sustainable strategic planning;
    (b) Coordinating population issues within national development planning;
    (c) Coordinating young child survival, protection and development programme at different levels;
    (d) Undertake related surveys and advise Government for the appropriate effectiveness;
    (e) Oversees the implementation of population related policies and strategies
    By using the collected statistical information, provide and advise the Government on the progress and development of the economic and social activities The Commission shall be a think tank, which shall analyse key economic trends in Zanzibar, in the regional economic block and in the world in general and develop implementation framework of strategic interventions which will give Zanzibar unique and comparable The assessing contribution of non state actors in the economy and in collaboration with relevant sector ministries in identifying key areas for private sector partnership with public sector technology development, adoption, adaptation, innovation and commercialization of such innovation, intellectual property development, application and protection thereof;


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