Administration Department

Administration is the one among the department in Zanzibar Planning Commission,it is istablished for the purpose of performing the following function:-

    1) To provide expertise and services on human resources managment and administrative matter such as recruitment,section.placement,confirm,training promotion,retention,massenger services,transport and other relateto the planning commision.
    2) To create conducive working enviroment in the Planning Commission
    3) To provide data support and up-date records on various Human Resources information
    4) Interpret Public services Regulations,standing Orders and other labor law
    5) To develop and recomand administrative procedures to ensure that displine and personnel relations are improved and maintained
    6) Facilitate Human Resource training and development (career,professional,skills enhancement) and cadres for the Planning Commission
    7) Facilitate orientation/induction programmes for the new entrants
    8) Handle Protocol Matters and strength relations with other sectors
    9) Coordinate implementation of customer services charter in the Planning Commission
    10) Facilitate employee relations and welfare including health,safety,sports and culture
    11) Coordinate implementation of performance apprasailfor employee and review
    12) Coordinate planning issues of the Zanzibar Planning Commission.


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