Department of Economic Development and PPP

    The economic managment is one among the department in Zanzibar Planning Commission,it is istablished for the purpose of performing the following function:-
  • To participate fully in developing budgeting guidelines by applying evidence based approach in planning;
  • To coordinate and provide guidance in developing national priorities for short and long term plans;
  • In collaboration with other stakeholders, to ensure that MKUZA implementation is in line with national thrusts;
  • In collaboration with Ministries, Departments and Agencies, to ensure MKUZA is implemented in accordance with national priorities and targets;
  • To collaborate and coordinate on issues of macro-economic and fiscal policies;
  • To collaborate with other stakeholders in conducting research for evidence socio-economic plans;
  • To review the country’s growth development population, rate of inflation and rate of economic growth in order to advice and guide resource allocation
  • To coordinate the conduct of public expenditure reviews;
  • To coordinate performance of domestic, regional and global economy so as to guide the country on resource mobilization and expenditure management;
  • To collaborate with Ministries, Departments and Agencies, Non State Actors, and Development Partners in developing national economic strategies geared towards revamping economic growth and reduce poverty.


Department of Economic Development and PPP shall have the following divisions:


  • Macro –Economic Division
  • Economic Intelligence and Research Division
  • Public Private Partnership Division
  • Fiscal Policy Division



  1. The Division of Macro-Economic has the following functions:
  • To review the economic policy and strategies so as to go simultaneously with national planning.
  • To participate in Regional Integration meetings and workshops.
  • To propose favorable environment conditions for economic growth.
  • To provide advice on all matters relating to domestic, regional and world economy.
  • To coordinate and collaborate with Ministries, Departments and Agencies, None State Actors, in collecting, analyzing and assessing national plans and advice the Executive Secretary.
  • To prepare short, medium and long term plans on the economic growth
  • To assess, analyse and write reports on economic performance (including inflation rate) on quarterly, biannually and annually.
  • To assess inflation indicators and recommend measure of control inflation rate.
  • To participate at economic workshops and meetings.
  • To assess and evaluate policies, strategies and trends of economic growth.
  • To evaluate, participate and implement the financial policy.


  1. ii) Division of Economic Intelligence and Research has the following functions:
  • To advise and collaborate with ministries, department and agencies on all matters relating to economic research and development.
  • To review economic policies and strategies relating to national planning in order to advice the Executive Secretary.
  • To evaluate economic programs and advice the Executive Secretary on the performance


iii) Division of Public Prívate Partnership shall have the following functions:

  • To indicate all projects which are interrelated between public and private sectors.
  • To facilitate and coordinate Ministries, Departments and Agencies in implementing projects based on public private partnership.
  • To build public awareness on public finance issues relating to public, private partnership.
  • To disseminate budget analysis report to the public;
  • To enhance private participation on the implementation of public development programmes; and
  • To perform any other function as may be assigned by the Commissioner for Department of Economic Management.



  1. iv) The Division of Fiscal Policy has the following functions:
  • To monitor revenue collection.
  • To evaluate the Economic, Structural and Revenue Aspects of Tax Policy.
  • To conduct tax expenditure analysis.
  • To evaluate the Impact of Non-Tax Economic Policies.
  • To forecast Future Revenues and Expenditures in collaboration with the Ministry responsible for Finance.
  • To analyse all domestic revenues including taxes and non- taxes revenues.
  • To analyse expenditure pattern for all Ministries, Departments and Agencies and advice Ministry responsible for Finance accordingly.
  • To maintain “Excel” database for revenue by source and expenditure activity and programmes.
  • To formulate or make follow up of the current policy and tax regulation to ensure that implementation and compliance is adhered to.
  • To assist in appeals, enforce revenue measures or proposed tax reforms.


To recommend changes on the existing tax procedures, laws, regulations and tax rates.

  • To liaise with Tanzania Revenue Authority, Zanzibar Revenue Board, Accountant General, Budget Department, Bank of Tanzania and Zanzibar Investment Promotion Authority on all issues relating to revenue, expenditure, exemption, loan and grant.
  • To analyse tax policies through developing appropriate policies and propose strategies.
  • To participate with private sectors on issue of fiscal policy review and reform.
  • To make research analyses on different sources of revenues and propose new sources.
  • To prepare detailed revenue performance reports (considering individual item, resources, trend and modality of collection).
  • To collaborate with integrated financial management system during the budget period for the budget models; such as execution report and income statement.


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