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The ZPC Act, 2012, outlines the ZPCs overall responsibilities when it comes to M&E. The ZPC is charged to exercise monitoring and evaluation role for:

    (a) Plan and development of manpower in order to achieve selfsufficiency of experts in various specialisations and conduct annual programme or project reviews;
    (b) The implementation of Government decisions on matters of planning and the management of the economy;
    (c) The national development plans and report to the Revolutionary Council accordingly;
    (d) The implementation of plans and take such measures as are necessary for ensuring successful implementation of those plans;
    (e) The day-to-day performance of various sectors of the economy and ensure that appropriate measures are taken to solve any operational problem as may be detected in those sectors;
    (f) In collaboration with the Ministry responsible for finance, assess financial performance as a whole and recommend corrective measures where applicable; and
    (g) Perform any other function as may be assigned to it by the President
    In addition, to ensure successful M&E across the RGoZ, capacity building of Departments of Policy, Planning and Research (DPPRs) should be integrated as a core function of the M&E Department.
    The Commission shall be a think tank, which shall analyse key economic trends in Zanzibar, in the regional economic block and in the world in general and develop implementation framework of strategic interventions which will give Zanzibar unique and comparable.


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