The National Planning and Poverty Reduction Department

National Planning and Poverty Reduction Department is the one among the department in Zanzibar Planning Commission,it is istablished for the purpose of performing the following function:-

    National Development Plans
    For the purpose of the provisions of section 8 of this Act, the Commission shall
    (a) Issue guidelines for the formulation of National Plans;
    (b) Be responsible for the formulation and implementations of plans for the most effective and balanced utilisation of the country’s resources;
    (c) Analyse any social and economic issues and recommend to the Government appropriate policies and measures to protect the National interest
    (d) With the facilitation and collaboration of the ministry responsible for finance, prepare draft annual capital budget requirement, for presentation before the Revolutionary Council.
    Coordination of Sectoral Development Plans.
    In the exercise of the powers under section 9 of this Act, the Commission shall coordinate sectoral development plans by:
    (a) Convening a pre-budget meetings of ordinary peoples, technocrats and politicians for the purpose of having their inputs be considered in the forthcoming financial year;
    (b) Convening a pre-budget meeting of all ministries, departments and agencies for the purpose of consolidating their financial requirements including their total financial implications in the forthcoming financial year
    (c) Coordinating the preparation process of long-term, medium term and annual plans
    (d) Coordinating the preparation of national development strategies and provide guidance on their implementation;
    (e) Coordinating government initiatives and policies for private sector development and social activities
    Commission as a think tank.
    The Commission shall be a think tank, which shall analyse key economic trends in Zanzibar, in the regional economic block and in the world in general and develop implementation framework of strategic interventions which will give Zanzibar unique and comparable advantage in any of the following areas:-
    (a) Attracting capital and investment in key areas
    (b) Competitive production in any sector which Zanzibar has comparative advantage
    (c) Market and marketing of any goods or services
    (d) Mechnology development, adoption, adaptation, innovation and commercialization of such innovation, intellectual property development, application and protection thereof
    (e) Improving skills for the purpose of productivity, employment including export of labour and skills
    (f)Any other area which the Commission may deem of strategic importance for economic and social development


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