The Research Department

The Department of Research (DoR) is among the department in Zanzibar Planning Commission (ZPC) and is entrusted to carry out its activities as per Zanzibar Planning Commission Act No.3 of 2012, 8(1) (a); (b); (g) and (h).

    The specific activities include: -
    (a) To identify the research priority areas and hence prepare the Zanzibar Research Agenda.
    (b) To ensure that the research priority areas identified under the Zanzibar Research Agenda are conducted and their findings are disseminated to the Government and the stakeholders so that they can be used for the decision making and for the development of Zanzibar.
    (c) To coordinate, collect, analyze and work on the findings of the researches conducted in Zanzibar, so that the evidences could be used in preparing and implementing the various programs for the development of Zanzibar.
    (d) To be the link between the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar and the Tanzania Commission for Science and Technology (COSTECH).
    (e) To prepare the annual Research budget, coordinate and ensure that the funds allocated for researches are spent to execute researches of the national priorities as per the Zanzibar research agenda.
    (f) To coordinate and prepare research proposals and submit to the various national and international research funding institutions for soliciting research funds and supporting collaborations and networking for the achievement of the Zanzibar research goals.
    (g) To prepare and coordinate research related capacity building programs for research related stakeholders and respective leaders in the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar.
    (h) To Provide education and information to leaders, executives and the general public about the Researches intended to be conducted and disseminate their results the to the decision makers, research stakeholders and general public.
    (i) To collaborate with all research related institutions in Zanzibar to achieve the Government planned goals.
    (j) To coordinate and promote development and transfer of Technology and innovations that links researches in the prioritized areas and national development plans towards the growth of the economy.


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