Zanzibar Planning Commission (ZPC)

    Zanzibar Planning Commission as provided for under the Constitution, which shall be an independent and autonomous government agency in the public service.
    The Commission shall be the highest authority for economic development planning and shall coordinate and supervise the implementation of such economic development plans and related social services planning in Zanzibar

    The Commission shall consist of:-

    (a) The President who shall be Chairman;
    (b) The First Vice President;
    (c) The Second Vice President;
    (d) Minister's responsible for finance and planning;
    (e) Such other Members of the Revolutionary Council appointed collectivelly as members of the Committee of the Revolutionary Council or on their individual capacity as the President may deem appropriate.
    The President may appoint such other members not exceeding three on account of their distinguished expertise, knowledge or experience in economics, finance, development planning, public service, justice or legal sector, environmental management, social development or any relevant field necessary for the prevailing Zanzibar economic priorities
    Members of the Commission other than ex-officio members shall hold office for a term of three years and may be re-appointed for other term

    Functions of the Commission.

    Subject to the provisions of this Act, the core functions of the Commission shall be

    (a)To provide policy advice to the President in particular and the Government in general on all sphere of national development;
    (b)To prepare national priorities and engender consensus among Government agencies as may be contained in guidelines issued by the Commission from time to time;
    (c)To undertake periodic review and appraisal of the human and material resources capabilities of Zanzibar with a view to advancing their development, efficiency and effective utilization;
    (d) To formulate and prepare long-term, medium-term and short-term national development plans and to co-ordinate such plans at central and local government levels;
    (e)To monitor and evaluate projects and progress relating to plan implementation
    (f)To advise on changes and adjustments in institutions and management techniques as well as attitudes necessary for the alignment of actions with plan, targets and goals;
    (g) To conduct research into various aspects of national interests and public policy and ensure that the implications and results of the findings in such research are geared towards the enhancement of national, economic, social, technological capabilities and management;
    (h) To mobilize popular group and institutional consensus in support of Government policies and programmes;
    (i) To deal with matters relating to regional and International economic Co-operation and to carry out duties as are necessary or expedient for the full discharge of all or any of the functions conferred on the Commission under this Act.

    Powers of the Commission
    Subject to the provisions of this Act, the Commission shall have power to:-
    (a) Identify, adopt and approve national development key priority areas and issue directives for their integration in the national and sectoral development planning and for their realisation and execution;
    (b) Idopt and approve national and sectoral development plans;
    (c) Give ministries and other public service institutions any directives relating to development planning;
    (d) Issue directives in accordance with the national economic development plans on priority areas for investment;
    (e) Approve any change in the implementation of national development planning;
    (f) Call for, from any institution, any information, representation or data relating to matters of development planning;
    (g) In collaboration with any academic, research or development institution, commission a study on any development, economic or investment issue as the Commission may deem relevant for national economic development;
    (h) Advise on development of institutions for the purpose of fostering research, capacity and ethics in development planning and related fields, fact finding and reporting on any development planning issue;
    For the purpose of better performance of its functions, the Commission shall maintain a system of collaboration, consultation and cooperation with economic research and other planning institution having the same objectives which are likely to assist in the functions of the Commission.

    Vision Statement

    Improved socio-economic development in Zanzibar.

    Mission Statement

    To enhance socio-economic development in Zanzibar through high-quality policy advice, evidence-based planning and improved implementation of development plans.



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